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From our biggest jobs to your personal project, we never hold back when it comes to professional quality. Check out our Videos for examples.

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Production Packages

Production 1 is fully equipped to handle both video production, videography, editing, sound design, and graphic/animation work. More details on our Packaging page.

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Not Just Filmmakers

We want to know what your interesting project is and how we can help make imagination a reality. We are not just filmmakers, but artists. Check out the Blog for updates on current projects, articles on artistic filmmaking techniques, and personal reveries.

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Although we have primarily worked in the United States, we have also been to China and South America. Where is your project located? Contact us for more information.

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Current Projects-

Check out what we are working on right now!

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Owner Evan Kimball's ramblings, technical information, and movie reviews with a bit of fun thrown in.


A direct link to my Flicker Account. All photos, professional and the ones I like too.

Production 1 takes a sincere, artistic, and minimalist approach to all its projects.