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    Posted on March 18, 2012 by in Work


    Had an interesting day today.  You know those days were everyone calls you and you end up just talking all day?  I don’t know if this happens to everybody, but for me it was one of those days.  I met a fellow videographer/graphic designer/web designer- well I’m not really all these things- his name is Gregory Wendt.  I talked a lot to him, it is just so interesting meeting someone else in the field to throw opinions at.  He works on photography too and some of his work seems interesting.  Check it out- http://artanddesign.siuc.edu/facultystaff/gregwendt.html

    I also talked to Damon Taylor who is a good friend and sadly is moving to India for 6 months for a job.  Not sad for him of course, hope he has fun and learns a lot.  Damon, you’re spoiled, you’ve seen to much of the world.  Anyway, he told me about a feature film that will be shot in Sauget, IL.  Possibly?  Who knows, sounds like fun if it happens.  He will have a going away party, probably will be like nothing else in this world.  Funny enough Damon had a bunch of technical questions about a film scanner he bought.  I don’t know much, just enough to possibly help or reassure him.  The thing sounds awesome, it takes high def scans of film- I’d love to run some old negatives through it and have better control over my film.  One reason I got out of film was because the labs are so awful now a days, but with this thing that would be a mute point.

    And I finally got to sound editing.  Wow, is it rough.  I don’t know why, but my microphone’s noise floor is about right at where my clients voice is?  900 to 3,000 hz.  Ughh, why is this always the hardest part.



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