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    Posted on March 18, 2012 by in Photography


    I got a funny message last night on Facebook.  An actor from my last film got onto me for not getting the film edited. 🙁  I swear I’m going to do it, but right now I’m so burdened with the Solar Installation project.  I will be done by February and then I will move right onto Blank Fortune.  I’m glad he got onto me though, it shows people care.  But jeez, I feel like I’ll never get done with editing- it’s been years since I didn’t have to edit all the time 🙁 still get to play around though. 

    This is a continuation of the failure from earlier this week. 

    Anyway- it’ll be great to edit Blank Fortune (Unfortunate).  I’m going to be working with Rich Zimmermann of Zimmermann Productions.  Should be a great experience.


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  1. Metanet says:

    Posted on LoL. If that was true that guy would be making a uotrfne out of it and making a hole parade out of it. Therefore i think he is just a fame need bastard. I really wish the real film was found.

    • Pitcha! +1 for first comment on new blog layout! But no clue what you’re talking about. >:/
      I should bring an update though. I have three cuts of the film done, and the director is running through them for approval. Picture lock should be soon and then I can move on to sound editing.

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