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    Posted on March 18, 2012 by in Tech Rant

    I hate the Sony Nex series!  Just look at this thing:

    Did I miss something.  Okay, a camera with a full ASPC sensor, but no mirror, so small flange depth…hmm, okay sounds interesting… but wait.  Small flange depth means smaller, retrofocus lenses- right.  But wait?  Those lenses can’t fit the size of an ASPC sensor- so no vintage value except all old full frame lenses.  Eh!  Well, how about a bunch of pancake lenses for it, so we can put it in our pocket, that’s why it’s so small; right?  Oh, wait, pancake lenses can only be roughly equivalent to standard viewing angle because of their element designs, and they are as sharp on edges so having a bigger sensors means more unsharp edge issues and Chraomatic abberatation, ugh! Why, on a 4/3 camera we can have pancakes for 35mm film cameras but the crop factor takes the poor edges out.  So no, and look at the stupid kit lens on this thing, takes up another pocket.  So far Sony has only one pancake lens for it, and more are planed but no clue when they will be out.  And the lenses need power supplies too for autofocus because the camera can’t put out enough juice without battery dieing too soon.  And native ISO is 800! Have fun out doors putting on ND filters or getting crappy JPEGs with -EV artifacts.  Plus, the thing as no viewfinder or shoe, so have fun shooting video.

    Well, hell, it is cute and could, with the 1 right lens, fit in your pocket.  Or you could buy a competetor camera in the m4/3 system and be better off.  But, every soccer mom who doesn’t know what a hot shoe is will love the great image quality than can be printed up the size of a wall.  Or maybe strange run gun professionals on foreign trains will enjoy the simplicity and lovely pics.  Or those who light things with just cigarettes need the low light capability?  I don’t know, these are selling like hot cakes and because of that ever other marketer will copy it, and now I won’t be able to buy a camera with more than 5 buttons.  No one is really happy with other camera ergonomics, leave it to Sony to throw the baby out with the bath water and have no ergonomics.

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