• The Road

    Posted on March 18, 2012 by in Movies

    Now, here is a movie I should have liked.  But didn’t.  It was just too monotone.  Like a droning sound or static landscape.  This was the goal and point of the director, but I think it was too much.  The whole film got boring very quickly, and my wife and I agreed that it would have made a great short film.

    The dreary look of it was really what distracted me, it just didn’t feel real.  Everything about the film hinged on this suspension of disbelief, but I was always believing it was a film.   I should have liked it, post apocalyptic art films are something I love, but this one was too stylized in one way, and too realistic in others and I felt it lacked magic moments and an overall and sweeping philosophical drive.  So it was more verite in that regard, but what we observe is too stylized.  It reminds me of what Jim says about films, they have to have a conflict and resolution for people to want to see it.  I don’t agree with this entirely, but for this film I would definitely say that.


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