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    Posted on April 14, 2012 by in Tech Rant

    It hit the presses, Canon has released specs on two new 4K cameras.  In Canon style they are ugly, but now really expensive too- 15,000 +$$$  Wow!!!

    Well, I don’t want 4K.  2K is barely found in actual consumer TV’s or monitors.  2K cameras only go up to 960 lines max- not true 2K or 1080 like promised.  The 5D/7D gods still use SD 480 line 8 bit compression color algorithms and neither is true HD.  Yeah, they look good, because tv still really aren’t HD.  So here comes 4K????

    I shoot true HD, my 960 lines max, and it eats up a HD.  It takes a Gig an hour, and that means 1 project can take up half a TB hard drive.  My last project was 1.04 TB.  Now 4K would just kill me, I’d be spending more on HD than on car tires!!!  No way 4K- stay in the pro market and leave consumers alone.  Of course, with a price of 15,000 who said consumers?  Well, sorry- I don’t think Pro when I think Canon- it’s an old, mean habit.  But really, considering the new 1DC, if I was on a good shoot I would not choose a DSLR form factor over a camera body.  How much car interior is in my film?  Oh, and it takes stills?  $15,000 for a stills camera that can only shoot 4K in crop mode with full mode crap codec….uh…. okay, this camera makes little to no since.  Unless the images come out great and it actually uses a Ultra Definition codec with all the lines and appropriate color will it sell.  Right now, on paper, it seems that it won’t really serve very many purposes.  Like I said, in a car or tight spot camera- but RED already did this except better.

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