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    It feels like I just got to China and yet I’ve already had two job interviews.  If feels surreal going to these places, not only because I should be nervous, but because they were in a different world.  After landing here, I have been busy doing a load of boring things such as making internet work, cleaning black walls, letting the child adjust and buying her toys, and visiting relatives and friends.  One really big issue is that Vimeo is blocked here.  Not only is this depressing because everyone posts there stuff on Vimeo including camera tests that I love, but all my videos were online and available to show employers.  Now I have nothing to show except what I brought to edit.  🙁  Well, instead of cutting together a new reel, I was socializing, and when Haoyue’s friends kindly got my foot in a few doors, it was less than 12 hours notice to the interviews.

    Low and behold, I felt unprepared.  Although I had footage on me, I did not feel comfy with it or with myself.  On top of this; to get to these interviews I had to move from the noisy, dirty, and cheap inner city into a pristine world of marble floors and decadence.   An Armani/jewelry/German Chocolate shopping mall was the location for my first interview.  It was up a glass lattice embroidered elevator that I found an office suite shared by Discovery Channel China and Natural History New Zealand, a National Geographic related company.  It was such a different world that I felt even more intimidation.  It was to my surprise that this interview lasted one whole hour where not one, but three employees including Keith Murdoch, the Vice President of the company gave me their undivided attention.

    This is a typical big fish little pond, nothing in the ocean syndrome.  My $200 music video didn’t look as nice as their 2 MILLION dollar National Geographic videos that take up to 2 years to produce.  I sat with one of the producers and documentary researchers as we watched the work.  All I could say was, “yeah, that looks good.”  Because it looked fucking amazing!!!!  Oh, they were nice and asked me to mail a resume (which i didn’t have because no internet, no printer, no time.)  I rushed to send them a cover letter and resume, and they mailed me back saying that they would call when a job of my level came about.  It is possible, they own a smaller company called Beach House that does a variety of work that I can handle.  Or maybe they were just being nice.  >_<

    The other job interview I had was with Andy of ???, no biz card- all out.  He had me meet him at his company, which was located, again, in a nice white place.  No noise, something called Grass?, and a playground for kids.  Bizarre place.  The company was small, in the since they had equipment just everywhere, Arri heads, Betacams, Avid system, decks, rockers, bla blas, everything strewn about.  Every closet was filled with a computer for editing.  Even Andy’s office had C-Stands in the closet.  Andy was a great guy who gave me an hour of his time despite all these people running about asking him questions.  His company is very successful and does everything media related including event videography, sports, concerts, corporate, commercial, travel, documentary, music design, graphics, and all in house editing.  Very tight place with a lot of potential to grow.  Their production value was amazing good, and my videos of course didn’t fit the level.  🙁  Maybe in a few months they might call.  Everyone was nice and really impressed me beyond speech.  I guess I’m only 27

    Production 1 isn’t closed down or anything, but it isn’t my primary identity and it makes me wonder if I should change the site?  I also have some freelance video work coming in September for sure, so that’s a relief.

    On a side note, this Andy guy told me that they don’t output to a color board and only use a few broadcast monitors.  Even NHNZ didn’t use broadcast monitors all the time, which is a great relief to me.  It seems doing color correction in your NLE isn’t absurd and a pretty common path.  RGB still has it!!!!  But any who, it means I am not too far from Film Zion so to speak.  Here is a good link to a forum talk on color correction for those who are interested.  Color can be a real personal thing, and what you do to make it right doesn’t matter- but it sure as hell helps to know how too!  😉



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