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    Posted on August 25, 2012 by in Personal, Photography

    Haoyue and I are looking for a good place to study while her parents watch our child.  Well, luckily there is a public library, or cultural center, right next to her parents place.  Lucky or what?  What!

    This is more like a architectural surreal nightmare.  The place is monolithic, gigantic, 4 stories and 2 whole corners of the street.  But inside is like, ridiculously small and there is only one room in the whole place to sit down.  Actually, 3, but 1 is filled with computers and the other doesn’t allow outside books…!?

    So, the one room is always filled up with students and the computer room is filled with poor locals who just want to watch stuff online and enjoy air conditioning.  I tried working here a few days, but having to put my laptop on top of a keyboard and having to fit into this small chair and desk was too much, so I won’t go back.

    There are actually seats all over the halls of the place, which there are multitudes of; but they give me this Brazil vibe and the echo of people talking is a bit much.

    There is some cool art that surrounds the walls of the place.














    Formatting went crazy, deal with it!

    I think it is the architecture of this place that wastes so much space.  There is just nothing but hallways with all these ramps, stairs, and balconies.  The whole center of the building is empty and you can lean over the rails and look up and down at just empty space.  Furthermore, there is empty space all over the place to separate the amazingly small and crowded rooms.


    Luckily, there is a boiled water room.  Uhh, actually the restrooms are horribly nasty.



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  1. Thomas Broomfield says:

    How could anyone study in there? It’s like an artsy prison. I can see a Van Goh’s or a Michelangelo’s work being there after committing a horrible crime.

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