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    Posted on March 23, 2013 by in Personal

    I’m admitting to a World of Tanks addiction.  What is World of Tanks?  Over my winter break, during my trip to Hong Kong, I was privy to watching Youtube and the site was kind enough to suggest to me a World of Tanks video by SideStrafe (Whom I really enjoy).  It is a game, a popular one, that pits in an arcade style, historically picked tanks against each other.  It is really simple, and fun.  Much like Star Craft, the game relies on maps to balance the different types of tanks, and random nerfing that makes everyone want to rage quit.  The game also uses a complex penetration and shell damage system that make it more than just point and click.  The game is far from perfect, but it is never boring.  That is why it is addictive, because if you die you don’t re-spawn, you leave the battle and you can go start another one while that battle is finished by the remaining players.  So, you can just play forever it seems.

    Some negative aspects is the historical inaccuracy- why use real tank models if you change a lot of how they work.  I don’t care if the Marder II is op, it was in real life.  Also, the game highlights all baddies in red when detected, this hurts the whole sneak up and kill thing.  Honestly, the view system is overly complex and I’d just prefer the good old fashioned shoot what you see.   And the tanks kinda look like crap, like cardboard and buttons.  Furthermore, it only uses 1 core of my processor, so it gets kinda slow.







    But, as I said the historicity (K. Dick word) is what I love.  They use all real, or planed, tanks, so it really encourages you to go out and look up the technological development of tanks.  WWII is amazing in the way that technology leapt and bound, and whomever had the newest tech had the advantage in battle.  You get that feeling in this game for sure.  For example, I didn’t know anything about the Renault FT17- the first successful tank design.  But after playing around with the crappy thing, which I call the caterpillar  I love the tank.









    It is worth the fun to play, because the game is free!!!!  And it is worth the time to read up on some cool things!



    I don’t usually get into MMOs of any kind, but this thing is eating away my life.  Hopefully I can get bored of it soon… not!


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