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    I’ve uploaded a million new videos it seems and not really talked about it, so here is a quick cap of some things you can see.

    Intercultural communication was a class I took at SIU.  This is a video I put together in 2011 for a class project.  We were asked to boserve a public location, so I chose the Blue Sky Winery out on Rocky Comfort Road.  This is simple documentation of the place.  Good wine, fun time.


    This is documentary footage for a brief package that was meant for WSIL TV3.  I wanted to show different locations of interest around Southern Illinois, and of course Camel Rock has to be one of them.  Fly on the rock wall style.  This was for SIPP (Southern Illinois People and Places.)


    This is another SIPP piece, this time on Republican Senator candidate and antique store own Ken Burzynski.  This focuses on his antique store, which is one of the most interesting places to shop in Southern Illinois; a real treasure trove.


    For this SIPP piece I interviewed a local writer with a quirky personality, Mike Scott.  He has a donkey farm and he just seems to make the simple life seem like so much fun.


    This is the last part of SIPP, and one of the most important.  Mayor Bob Butler of Marion is a staple of Southern Illinois community and I really wanted to talk to him about how he’s impacted the region.  He is a modest man, but his long track record really shows how integral he has been to the development of Marion.  Too bad these packages run times are so short.

    This was a short film directed by my Graphic Designer at the time Pablo Tobon.  I helped with lighting on a lot of scenes, and my wife acted in it.  I mostly think it is a good laugh- because it just doesn’t fit together honestly.  This was back in 2009, so I think we’ve come a long way since then.


    This is a clip from Pablo’s next film, his Senior thesis at SIU.  I think it is much better than the last thing we worked on.  This time, I just helped mix the sound for a few scenes, and I also provided too much tech support for post production (I hate post).


    Here’s something fun I dug up!  My first film at Southern Illinois University, shot on Super 8mm.  The projector ate half my movie, but the effect really inspired an aesthetic for me to work with, so I won’t complain much.  My favorite part is the sound track, which is not perfect, but completely “made in the moment!”  I used to amps and a stereo phased signal to create a rather unique amount of distortion.


    I just complete a promo commercial for the business.  As a Jack of all Trades, I kinda fear being a Master of none.  So I worked this thing out.


    This is a repost, but I did my own edit for this video and I like it much more.  Check it out!


    I took my good friend Thomas out to a Roller Derby for his Birthday.  He didn’t like it, oh well.  I was expecting darker, more grit, and gore maybe…I guess too many B-movies on the subject.  Oh well, I shot some footage and came up with a silly, fun edit.


    I really made a mistake with some DVDs I printed, they didn’t work right.  So I owed my client some new DVDs, but the delay would be extreme.  To make it up to Susan Barnes, I made this inspirational video about her dance studio.  I had collected a lot of random footage and some interviews, (but nothing substantial) and I wanted to make something great.  With better planning and more time, I think this could have been amazing- but I’m very happy with what I got.


    Back in 2009, when I didn’t have my own camera or one to borrow, I promised the band “Spread” that I would make a vid for them.  I cam to shoot a concert, and the fuse of the bar blew and we ended up having only one light hanging over the drummer.  So I filmed him for 2 hours.  Then, most of the audio was just missing!!! So, this is what I got and I finally put it together on my word.  Now no one cares but me, and here is a simple video just to reflect upon how things just go wrong sometimes.


    My great friends Eric Grosshenrich and Jack Henson put together the Glowing Souls Music Festival in Jonesboro IL.  I went there and drunkenly filmed the festivities for posterity, and I promised them to cut something together when I had time and money.  Now that I’m in China, I have time and money- so here it is.  This is just a sample of some of the bands that participated in the festival.


    Picked up a week long job filming a conference on the historic figure Confucius.  It was a lot of filming, and I hardly understood any of it.  Oh well, this is a video of their morning rituals.


    Let’s go back in time to look at the first videography I did for Susan Barnes.  Dance recital 2010.


    Shyrock liked me, so I came to film the Nutcracker Suite.  Very fun performance from some great dancers, I always loved this piece as a child, especially the scary rats.


    Funny story, I did this video for a client, Allied Physicians and Rehab, but they never asked to see it.  Glad they paid???…


    My good friend Richard Zimmermann’s wife Kar asked if I could film a choir performance that she masterminded.  I thought, High School choir, ehhh… we’ll see.  Wow, they were amazing.  I was totally shocked at how talented these local kids were and how Karlyn did such an amazing job.  This is one of my favorite videos yet, just for the content.  Filming it was hell, the place was small and dark, very hard to get on card.


    Last and maybe least, a short film done by Aaron Thompson for his Senior thesis.  I acted in it, he said I sucked, I said I sucked.  Well, we agree.  Oh well, the quality is low so don’t take this as the final look.  I ripped a bad DVD.


    That’s it, kinda overwhelming huh!


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