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    So I was endowed with the pleasure of experiencing my first Chinese New Year.  It is pretty intense, and for me this is shocking but not necessarily bad.  Besides the rush of parents going shopping, Christmas is a peaceful Holiday where most businesses close, it snows, people and kids are off from work, and family get together in front of a fire and eat good food.  It’s work, but more peace and joy.  In China the New Year is very loud, like World War II with artillery   They love the fireworks, and the whole country just explodes for a week.  The biggest commotion is on New Years day, where at midnight everyone simultaneously  for about 6 hours before midnight too, lights up the sky.  It is overwhelming to say the least.  Just like a war movie, 100%!

    Although interesting, it is not enjoyable and I’d prefer Christmas for sure.  There are similarities to Christmas, such as a big feast that we had on new years.  The week of New Year is divided up into special events, one for each day.  One day you visit distant relatives, one day you visit friends, one day you eat rice balls dumplings, one day you eat…customary stuff.  Each day has a thing- that is fun but since every day, and especially the 5th and 12th days, has fire works- you don’t sleep or rest very much.




















    I made Carrot Cake, it says 2013 on it and those are fireworks (strawberries)!

























    Last, but not least because it is my favorite tradition is a game of Mahjong!



    Okay, here’s some vids.




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  1. Damon says:

    The videos look like an expensive version of the Indian celebration Deepavali… there is a haze for days. In the states, there are no fireworks inside the city… for the forth of july, but it seems outside the US, buildings are fireproof.

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