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    For Visa purposes, last December I went to Hong Kong to get my work visa verified.  It was a fun trip, especially sense Beijing is really gold and polluted while Hong Kong was a warm 65 degrees and very clean.  Hong Kong is a very modern city, but we stayed out on the coast line, in what they call the rural part.  It is still pretty urbanized, although things are spread out a bit.

    Entertained on the Train

        Rayne easily makes friends on the train.  It is a full 24 hour train ride.  Very romantic though, slow moving train through the vast Chinese countryside.

    We got a good deal at the Gold Coast Hotel, a very fancy place on the coast.  Guess no one goes in winter, the beach was empty but the place was still nice.  Spoiled tropical people.

    Big and Small

    A Grassy Lawn

     There were flowers blooming and parks everywhere.  Also, people are very friendly in Hong Kong.  International groups of people doing business, young people strolling about shopping.  Though I would say people are for sure not as warm hearted as Beijingers towards children.

    Over to the View Good ONe

    One of the places I wanted to visit most was the giant buddha statue.  Haoyue mentioned that there was a vegetarian restaurant, most buddhist places of course have them, at the temple.  Sounded great.  Although we had to take a very famous zip line to the top of the mount.

    The View (1) The View 2 Dongel Lines 2Haoyue Lookin' 2Evan Lookin' 2

    Giant Buddha 2

    Buddhist Temple Bell

    The giant statue of buddha was only built in 1993, and there is a Starbucks near it.  Most of China is like this, is it like this in America???? Does Yellow Stone have a Starbucks near the Faithful geyser?  I don’t think so, or I hope not.  at least the food is legit.

    Enjoying Ice Cream

    The best find of the trip was a deal.  Hong Kong might be one of the biggest camera markets in the world, receiving both European, Japanese, and American camera stuff (Russia???).  Competition is fierce and plentiful, so you can find a good deal in one of the 20 or so camera stores (big ones, not small).  I found a Voigtlander 25mm f0.95 M4/3 lens for $614, used of course.  This is still 200 bucks cheaper than the listed used price, and the condition is great.  Only issue, missing lens cap.  Oh well, I’ll take it.

     This is a legendary good lens and it blows the snot out of all my old stuff.  Sorry to say vintage lenses, the new one is magical looking.  I felt guilty, never before had I splurged at this level.  I don’t regret it!

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