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    Posted on February 8, 2014 by in ESL, Movies, Personal, Work

    A really candid look at life in China. Meant to be shown to my family when I went back to the United
    States last October, I decided the internet and my friends might also enjoy it. All handheld, very long and maybe boring to most- but it is what it is, a look at everyday life in China. Mostly starring my child, who consumes most, if not all, of my time.
    It starts with a bike-ride to my office featuring some Mongolian music I like. Then I show my daughter’s third birthday party. Next we go on a long adventure to the grocery store, for me this is the most interesting part anthropologically speaking. This is a real look at the way people shop, what they east, how they interact in Beijing near my home. Although this segment in 20 minutes long, it is valuable. Next comes an adventure at home, the usual day in day out hanging out with a 3 year old wearing no pants and building a fort. I attempt to get her to tell a story or say high to her family, but she is the boss. Next we venture out in the evening to the local Jishuitan park for an unusually pleasant evening. Last, we come home during the busy rush hour, the air is filled with noise and if you could smell, there would be many strange smells to go with it. Finally, we are home and night for my daughter’s, Rayne, epilogue.
    Shot over the course of a week on the Lumix GH2 using kit lens and Voigtlander 25mm. Compressed for internet to 1,500 kbps.


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