Company Profile


Production One’s mission is to provide you with a production studio that can assist in a variety of video projects. We approach every project in a novel and artistic ways.  Production 1’s goal is to create it’s own way of integrating video with both the worldwide and local markets that contemporary businesses exist in today.


Videography of events

-Commercial design

-Graphic packages

-Sound Editing



-Business testimonials and portfolio creation.



Please Check out our reels page to view past projects which will give you an idea of the quality of our work and the variety of jobs we have done.   
We are open to anything that involves video work
                                                                   - We can make your ideas a reality. 

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When you use Production 1 for your video needs you own all rights to the video product and distribution.  Production 1 only holds copyright use for promotion, showings to non-public audiences, and for use in resume documentation.  Rights for distribution are solely yours and not Production 1’s.  All independent contractors for Production 1 have rights to use footage in promotional situations, but they relinquish all further copyrights to Production 1.  Changes to this can be made through contracts which are drawn up and signed for every project.
Intellectual rights concerned with ownership of raw media obtained from videography or invention during taping of events is Production 1’s and non-disputable.