Evan Kimball Plochmann:

Is the Sole Proprietor and chief producer, editor, sound mixer, colorist, and all around everything guy for the business.


I grew up in the Illinois countryside, and in 2008 I graduated from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale with a Bachelor’s degree in Cinema and Photography.  I started Production 1, a video production company, in 2009; and currently I continue to operate it on a global level.  I have worked as a lecturer at Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication for 3 years.  It is a media college and I teach classes such as Movie Appreciation, Advanced Audio-Visual Communication, Cross Cultural Comparison,  and English courses.  On the side, I work freelance as a Director of Photographer and editor, and give lectures of film making.  I have also worked in script editing and I am an avid writer.





Pablo Gallo:

Pablo takes care of all graphic work and animation for Production 1.


Pablo currently works in principal photography. With two degrees, one in Graphic Design and another one in Cinema/Photography, he has developed a keen eye for beautiful imagery. Although he feels quite confident as a professional, he always tries to challenge himself and get away from his comfort zone.  “I feel that when you experiment with motion and light, you become more sensitive to the emotional charge of a visual piece.”  He has worked in video clips, commercials, experimental and narratives.  He loves the opportunity he gets as a graphic designer and as a photographer to understand and develop other people’s visions.  “I value when a director or a client has every single detail planned and defined, but I also find it wonderful when I help the client find that vision and define it.”


Sean Wiegand:

Sean helps as assistant camera operator for Production 1.


Sean is originally from West Virginia and has been a film student at Southern Illinois University on and off since 2005, and is now also pursing a minor in philosophy. He is the subject of Lost Soul, a documentary currently in production about about the search for spirituality.

Julian Milo:

Is assistant editor for Production 1 studio.


He has over a decade of experience editing, including work on large budget documentaries and experience working in L.A.  It all started with a interest in editing music videos and collage pieces when he was in high school, some of which earned him awards and recognition.



Gwen Hall

Gwen is Production 1’s Certified Public Accountant.  She helps with taxes, business advice, inventory, and any other money related issues.


All employees are hired on a contract basis with all intellectual property rights belonging to Production 1.