The Production 1 Difference

Production 1 offers a few services that other video production companies do not.  Because of our partnership with Advertising Connection 1; our companies are able to utilize SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your video content.  This means that when somebody is looking on You tube, Vimeo, or through a search engine for a video- your video is more than likely to pop up.  There are 3 ways we can help sell your new video: 1. By working along side larger media groups and companies who specialize in video distribution across the United States; 2. by utilizing new and inventive social networking programs that are fully integrated and interactive with the many facets of contemporary video distribution; 3. through the utilizing of power words and professional web design to insure all search engines find your companies video and/or site.  We don’t just offer one service, but a whole program of creativity and exposure.

Production 1 is also specialized with in-house DVD printing.  This means that our turn around time to clients is fast and efficient; so if you need a small order of DVDs it is only a matter of days before they are in your hands and off to customers and clients of your own.  This includes customized DVD jackets, menus, and graphic design.  Furthermore, Production 1 has connections to Mid-Western retailers and distribution companies who are eager to find a valuable product with a strong target audience.

One key difference between Production 1 and other companies is our ability to provide both diverse and unique products to clients.   We are not interested in doing the same commercial that has been on since the invention of the television, Production 1 wants to do something different and exciting.  First off, Production 1 works intimately with it’s clients to find out exactly what they want for a video product.  We spare no time in story boarding and developing ideas to their fullest potential, and it all comes from the client.  Once a solid idea is built, Production 1 begins utilizing it’s diverse group of independent contractors by holding a Pow-Wow.  This is where the Production 1 team meets in person or by online chat to read, discuss, and further develop ideas to their fullest potentials.  This insures that each product is not done in the same style and each member’s skills are exploited to their fullest potential.  We feel that this business model will produce better results than any of our competition, give it a try.


Check out some examples of our personalized approach to idea development and presentations.

Storyboard Example                                                                          Budget Example