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       “It is not only hard to tell a story and make it look good, it’s extremely difficult to make it real and human.  Filmmaking is an art of memory and nostalgia, of things mixed deep within your psyche; therefore it should be beautiful and revolting all at once. “




Production 1: Jan. 09 – Present: – -Sole Proprietor of my own media company. Jobs range from simple videography in diverse, and dynamic locations to commercial work and documentaries. Successful projects include: Advanced Energy Solution Solar Energy Installation DVD which sold over 200+ copies; a commercial for Castle Perilous Games which aired on Mid-Western cable channels; and the annual recording of Susan Barnes dance recital which sold over 150 DVDs every year.  In Beijing, main clients include Huawei, Microsoft, Confucian School of Language, and Amerlish. Recently I have the moved the company away from corporate videos into narrative writing and IP right brokering.  



– Where Emperors Go to Die (Feature Script Thriller 2016)


A handsome, rich, artificially made man tears apart the lives of the woman around him because they can’t give him what he needs, a family. Where Emperors Go to Die is a social critical Science Fiction story of abusive relationships, that questions what about us defines our humanity.

The film won grand prize at the Orlando Film Festival and finalized in 3 other festivals.  We are currently seeking funding for the feature.








– Within (Short Body Horror 2016)


A parable about how fragile the concept of ourselves as a human is. When Ming is injured in an explosion, he discovers that he is a robot, and this drives him into a madness that questions whether his newlywed wife, and child, are too.  What would you do if you found out you weren’t human? Would it destroy who you are, or give you the freedom to finally take control…

The film has been preselected to play in the Beijing Film Festival, a local chapter of the Beijing International Film Festival.  East Indie Film published an article on the piece.


– “I am Nowhere” (Short Drama 2015)

Director, Writer, DP, and Editor

This film takes place in Daxing, a poor suburb of southern Beijing. It deals with issues of class, and the effects of social pressure on recently graduated College students. It’s premise is common in Western culture, but by placing the story in the hectic, changing social landscape of China, the characters take unexpected paths.


LA Arts Fest Laurels smaller





“Changing Fortune” (Short Comedy/Thriller 2013)

Director of Photography

A 45 min. short film dealing with fate, morals, and traditional Chinese medicine!  Produced by 22 DV films and directed by BFA employee Shu Laoshi.

“Blank Fortune” (Short Dramedy 2012)

Director of Photography

I founded and ran the So Ill Film Club; a group for local enthusiasts and filmmakers.  For a summer project I was director of photography for this short, which is currently submitted to festivals.

“Fatal Call” (Feature Action/Thriller 2011)

Grip for a 3.5 ton grip truck for a 2 week feature film shoot.

Neo-Noir about dirty money and betrayal.  Includes SAG actors such as Kevin Sorbo and Michelle Harris.  Distributed internationally.

“Blue Bike” (Short Children’s Film 2009)

Assistant Director, in charge of child talents.

laurel-wreath-156019_6402009 Queen’s International Screenplay Competition Finalist

laurel-wreath-156019_6402011 Gold Lion Film Festival, Africa

laurel-wreath-156019_640  2011 World Kids International Film Festival, India

laurel-wreath-156019_640 2012 Illinois International Film Festival

laurel-wreath-156019_6402012 Green Bay Film Festival

laurel-wreath-156019_6402012 Columbia Gorge International Film Festival

  laurel-wreath-156019_6402012 International Family Film Festival


– “Farm” (Feature Horror 2009)

Director of Photography

This was a low budget feature that placed in festivals and received international distribution.  Check out some positive reviews below.

“Credit too for the way the film is shot, specifically the quality of the print which certainly belies the undoubtedly low budget.”

  –  Dave Wain UK Horror Scene


 – Horror News

-“Nora’s Fish” (Experimental Short 2008)

Director of Photography for principal photography.

This award winning short film was produced by Graduate of SIUC, Zhang Wei.  I helped design the photography and lightning for the film, and operated the camera for principal photography but not re shoots.






2009- The Human Technological Spirit – Heideggarian Technological Frameworks Applied to “Galaxy Express 999,” a 20-page essay presented at The Image of Technology in Literature, Media, and Society conference sponsored by S.I.S.S.I, published in the conference’s proceedings.

2009- Short story and poem The Mistake on Literary Magazine Grassroots.

2005- Poem Black Dove on Anthology “In Other Words.”


-2017- The Diaphanous Tngri0– Spiritual Drama (Feature)

-2016- Final Entries – Documentary Reenactment (Short)

– 2015- Tempered– Post Human Sci-fi Drama (Short)

– 2014- I am Nowhere – Drama (Short)

– 2009- Apocalypse – Sci-fi (Short)





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