Old Services


  – We offer an extensive videography package that comes with a full range of services, such as shooting with multiple cameras, full range of sound recording, editing, graphic design and animation.   Production 1 has recorded concerts, dance recitals, plays, chorus, religious ceremonies, conferences, and more.  We can handle any live event, no matter the size or location.

    We use professional HD camcorders, such as the HMC80) that can record up to 7 hours at a time in any temperature.  All Video work includes color correction, sound mixing, and both online and hard disk printing services.


–  We have an advanced editing suite where we use a Mac Pro with 24 GHz of processing power and 13 GB of RAM to quickly process any post production order.  We have color sync monitors with Full HD resolution and a 3.8k resolution viewing monitor for 4k files.  Production 1 uses the best editing software from Apple, Adobe, and  Black Magic Studios.  We are accustomed to working with complex graphic and animation packages, and multiple file formats.  Pretty much, we can integrate any footage into your project.  That’s not all, Production 1 has multiple award winning editors with experience in Narrative film, commercials, television, and documentaries.


Sound Engineering:

Sound is often overlooked, but is important, maybe more so than image.  Production 1 offers a full set of high grade Sennhieser microphones for field recording.  We have experience in both mixing sound for narrative films, along with Foley work, and music mixing.  During videography event recording we have used up to 64 channels of audio at a time for both playback and mix down.  There is no challenge we do not meet.


School promotional video


DP Package:

Production 1 has had a big roll in commercials, documentary, and mirco/independent cinema.  We are all passionate about making movies and working with images.  We can offer an array of basic Cinematography equipment including a Gh2/4 camera, BMCC, tripods and dollies, Lowel lighting, Matte box and cages for cameras, stabilization, field recorders such as the Atomos Shogun, and cine adapted Takumar lenses, and non-adapted super fast (f.095) Voigtlander lenses.


 Band promo video done for $200


We are of course versed in still photography as well.  We have done jobs for commercial web design.  We can also shoot with film if you need that special look.  We boast over 5 cameras for photography and we can print up to Poster size.


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