Animation Packages

Animation is an essential tool in today’s multimedia advertising market.  From full commercial productions to adding an appealing variety to presentations or video productions, no production company can be complete without an experienced animator.  Although time consuming, animation is indispensable in conveying complex ideas through captivating images that can’t be done using traditional videography.

Animation packages are priced based on the length and complexity of the project.  Send Production 1 your idea and we will return a price quote to you.  On average, a simple animation costs $300 dollars and advanced animations can cost $500 and up.  If you chose to use Production 1 for your animation needs, we will deliver the product in multiple formats along with a hard disc copy of all files.

For a price quote on the animation you need please contact us.  We will help you design and price a custom animation for your company or institution.



Here is an example of a video that uses both simple and complex animations to create a distinct style.