Graphic Design Packages

No business can go without a dedicated graphic designer for creating logos, business cards, advertisement design, promotional material, and graphics for their video productions.  Production 1 is well aware of the importance of dedicated graphic design and offers a variety of packages for every level  of your businesses needs.

The Sampler: $20

If you want to see what Production 1 can do for you but are not willing to commit to a large price just to see what we’ve created, you can get a sample of our work for $20 dollars per design.  We will send you a water marked PDF of a rough design made out to your specifications.  This way you can shop around with different media companies till you receive what you are looking for.  If you choose production 1, the price of this package will be deducted from future graphic design orders.


The Basics: $100

Receive one graphic design that you can use in a variety of ways.  Multiple file formats will be delivered to you in a variety of sizes so you can use it for web design, advertisements, or publication.  The project file can be delivered on hard disk for an additional $25.


Advanced: $150+

Like the design you’ve received, but you now want advertisements, business cards, and video graphics designed based on it?  Well, for an additional $50 dollar charge per format will be added to the basic $100, that way you can have a different form of your design with additional graphic work done to it for a low cost.  The project files can be delivered on hard disk for an additional $25.


For more advanced projects that include web integration and interactive layers additional fees will be incurred of $25 dollars per layer added with more fees based on complexity of encoding.