Videography Packages

Videography is the capturing of a live event.  Production 1 is experienced in this area of work and is available to do any kind of event for extensive lengths of time.  There are two ways that Production 1 approaches videography packages and you choose whichever one fits your needs.

      Selling Through DVD:

If you are going straight to DVD and want to sell your event’s record to at least 30 people, then going to DVD is the best package.  Production 1 will produce your DVD and print the DVD’s using light scribe technology and sell it to your customers for $25 dollars a piece.  Production 1 will split the profit, after deducting overhead, 60/40 (60% to Production 1, 40% to you).  This is a great way to help fund your event or raise money for charity organizations.  Production 1 does ask that you be contractually obligated to selling at least 30 DVD’s, if not then you will be charged under the guidelines of the unsold events package.


      Unsold DVDs of Event:

If you do not plan to sell DVDs or if you are planning on selling less than 30, then this is your package.  For 15 dollars an hour for both editing and filming, Production 1 will make you a professional looking DVD of your event.  This videography package includes use of 2 HD camera, on location sound recording, cleaning up of any bad audio, and color correcting of footage.  Personalized graphics can be added to DVD for the prices listed in the graphic design section of this website’s services section.  Prices will include travel time to event location, shooting time, and editing time which is calculated using a 5:1 ration.  As example: if you event in 3 hours long and one hour drive for Production 1, then the total price would come to $360.